PHP Parse Error: syntax error, unexpected $end 错误的解决办法


Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in XXX on line 330


In PHP 5, the following error may appears as an error entry in Apache error log or simply displays on PHP web page, even if calling to php scripts with php_info() works perfectly and successfully returns information on PHP configurations:

Parse Error: syntax error, unexpected $end in ….. scripts.php on line …

The error may caused by a missing curly bracket in PHP script coding. Beside, it may also caused by error in PHP coding in class definition, as in PHP, a class definition cannot be broke up and distributed into multiple files, or into multiple PHP blocks, unless the break is within a method declaration.

But more commonly, the error is often caused by the use of Short Open tags in PHP,

To use short open tags, it must be enabled in PHP.INI. Search for short_open_tag in PHP.INI, and change the value to On. The line should look line:

short_open_tag = On

大致意思: 错误发生是因为使用了短标签,可以在php.ini中设置:

short_open_tag = On

原来Parse error 提示一般是 语法错误,使用了开放的标签,语句没有结束 也就是编程基本的一些错, 比如没注意语句结束加 ";" 或者 if(){...} 后面忘了"}" ;忘了"?>"。仔细检查代码,果然是一处漏掉了"}",修改程序正常运行。



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